Accessibility Tips and Tools for Social Media

Since social media content is user-generated, it is important to apply accessibility principles when creating and sharing this content. Most of the major social media networks have information on how to create and share accessible content. Please see below for further information. 

Facebook Accessibility

Instagram Accessibility

  • The Instagram app is owned by Facebook and therefore has a similar quality of accessibility as the Facebook app due to its dedicated accessibility team. Both iPhone with VoiceOver and Android with TalkBack work well with the app.

 Snapchat Accessibility

  • Snapchat is highly inaccessible but there are ways to ensure your content is more accessible to users with disabilities by using this step-by-step guide

 Twitter Accessibility

LinkedIn Accessibility

  • LinkedIn is formatted well which allows for screen readers to easily navigate through pages and alternative text is used whenever possible.
  • LinkedIn does not display any accessibility information on either the website or mobile apps. There is a dedicated e-mail address however. If you would like the company to reply to your accessibility questions via phone, be sure to include a number where you can be reached.