Compliance Sheriff - Getting Started Guide

Compliance Sheriff is a web application that will help you perform automated accessibility assessments on your website. It can crawl through all the pages on your website and generates reports on the accessibility issues associated with each page. Keep in mind that this tool is not intended to replace a manual assessment, but rather as a way to identify the most frequent accessibility errors. This tool also helps you validate broken links on your website.

Logging in

If you do not already have an account, please request an account. You can then log in to the Compliance Sheriff website with your username and password.

Navigation Overview

Dashboard Screenshot


When you first log in, you will see the Compliance Sheriff Dashboard. From the Dashboard, you may perform a quick scan for your website, see the results and save the scan for future reuse. Note: We do not recommend the use of quick scans because they do not give you the flexibility needed for scanning your website.


The Scans navigation consists of two sub-navigations. The “Scans” sub navigation tab allows you to create, modify and view scans. The “Groups” sub navigation will let you create, modify and view Scan Groups.


A monitor is a collection of checkpoints that will be executed on specific pages of a website. This is an advanced feature for administrators and does not need to be used.


This page displays the available checkpoints and checkpoint groups. This is also an advanced feature for administrators and does not need to be used.


Views are reports that can be creating on a completed scan. These provide graphical and tabulated summaries of scan results.


Summaries are results of scans that have been completed. Clicking the health result for a scan on the Scan or Scan Groups tab will display a summary of the scan or scan group on this tab. If you select the Summary tab without clicking a scan result, a summary of the last-run scan group is displayed.


A notification is an e-mail message that is automatically sent at the end of a scan or monitor or at scheduled intervals. You may use this in combination with a scheduled scan to notify you that a scan is complete.


You can change your password and set user preferences using this tab.

Creating a new scan

  1. From the Scans main navigation, select the Scans sub-navigation and click on New button. Note that if you are already in a scan group on the top left, the new scan will be created in that scan group
  2. The next page will allow you to enter the specific information of the scan. You will need to choose a unique display name, URL, and the checkpoints to test against. The SF State Web Standards use the CSU ATI Accessibility Requirements checkpoint group so please use this for scans. 

  1. Expanding the advanced options will give you further control over the scan. We recommend you choose no more than 3 levels. You may also set a page limit under the Options if your website is large.  Please use the built-in help in compliance sheriff for a detailed explanation of all these fields.


  1. Once configured, click the Save button.
  2. You may now either Schedule the scan or Run the scan immediately

Viewing scan results

Once a scan is complete, you may click on the Health % link to view the results of the scan.

The scan results page has six quadrants and here is a brief explanation of each

  • Scan statistics: Displays the number of pages scanned, how long the scan took to run and the total occurrences returned by the scan. Also displays the most important issues detected by the scan (priority 1 checkpoints)
  • Top 10 checkpoints: Displays the 10 checkpoints with the highest occurrence counts in that category.
  • Top 10 checkpoints changed via results revision: Displays the results associated with checkpoints you've modified in the Results Revision Wizard.
  • Top 10 issues: Displays a list of the ten results that Cryptzone recommends for immediate action.
  • Top 10 pages: Displays the ten pages containing the highest number of checkpoint violations.
  • Trend: Displays detailed statistics of a scan.

Clicking on the links under these quadrants will give you a closer look at the error and where it exists on a web page. For further information, please review the Help link in compliance sheriff.

Re-run assessment

To re-run the accessibility assessment scan, navigate to the scans sub-navigation and click on the run button next to the saved scan.

For further assistance

Click on the Help link on the top right corner of the website, review the video tutorials or feel free to contact us.