Accessible Print Request Form for Students

For faculty, please use the Faculty/Staff Accessible Print Request Form.

  • This form is for eligible students to request their instructional print materials in an accessible format.
  • Please submit a separate request for each item.
  • For books, the ISBN is the most important piece of information.
  • We cannot produce accessible media from rented textbooks.
  • iLearn tracking for a course counts as a single item.
  • All required fields are indicated as "required".
  • Information about required materials for your classes can be found on the SFSU Bookstore's web site.
Course Information
Student Information
Material Information

For iLearn Requests: If you use Kurzweil, please try using your copy of Kurzweil to open iLearn materials before making a request. Everyone else, please try using the Accessible Media Quick Converter for your iLearn files.

iLearn tracking is counted as a single request.
Do not use dashes
Format and Delivery Information