Accessible Technology Commons

The Accessible Technology Commons (ATC) is an assistive technology lab run by the DPRC. The ATC opened in Spring 2013 to provide services to students with disabilities who are registered with the Disability Programs & Resource Center.  It is a quiet place for students who wants to do their homework, group projects, use a computer, and need a study space.  It also meets the computing technology needs of students with disabilities as each room has a computer.  Each room has an adjustable chair and computer table.  Eligible students can also request headphones at the DPRC Front Desk located at Student Services Building Room 110.  You may also call DPRC in advance prior to pick-up at (415) 338-2472.

Entrance to the ATC

If you would like to use assistive software outside of these hours while the Library is open and the ATC is closed, there are 2 assistive technology workstations outside ATC at the Work Study Commons area and in the Research Commons (First Floor).   If you need additional information about these workstations, please visit the Library page. 


The ATC is located on the Ground Floor, Room 83, of the J. Paul Leonard Library. 

You may enter through the right side of the Library facing Quad (Cesar Chavez Building).  Underneath the stairs is a hallway that will lead you to the ATC.  The Digital Scholarship Center, Room 80, is on the left side before the hallway starts.  At the end of the hallway on the left is the Accessible Technology Commons, Room 83.  View the Ground Floor Map

What is assistive technology?

Assistive technology promotes greater independence by enabling people with disabilities to perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish or had great difficulty accomplishing by providing enhancements to or changing methods of interacting with, the technology needed to accomplish such tasks1.


  • Who are blind use either Screen Readers (JAWS) or Braille Device.
  • Who have learning disabilities such as dyslexia may use audible output.
  • Who have low vision may use screen magnification software or hardware (ZoomText, MAGic), CCTV.
  • Who have fine motor impairments may use or use assistive technologies such as speech recognition (Dragon Naturally Speaking).
  • Who are deaf or hard of hearing are unable to access audio content, so video needs to be captioned and audio needs be transcribed, or use Kurzweil 3000 


Fall 2017 Hours

The ATC hours of operation for Fall 2017 (starting Wednesday, August 23rd) are:

Day Hours
Monday - Thursday 8am to 2am
Friday 8am to 10pm
Saturday 12pm to 10pm
Sunday 12pm to 2am

For holiday hours and exceptions, please see the Library's holidays and exceptions website

How to reserve a room

Students who would like to book time on these workstations during business hours should make reservations by contacting Christina Valero at or call the ATC Lab Monitors during the hours of operation at (415) 405-5528.

Allowable time per workstation

Eligible students will be allowed to use the workstation for maximum of 2 hours in order to give other students a chance to use the hardware/software that they needed to do their work.  Students may use the other workstation outside ATC.  Lab monitors will assist in directing the users to another location.  If there are no available workstations please contact Christina Valero immediately at (415) 405-0333, or email at:

Saving Files

Please back up your work on to a USB flash drive. The workstation desktop and hard drives are for temporary storage only and are erased frequently. You are responsible for backing up your files.


There is one Black & White printer with a Print Release Station in the ATC. Printing is provided through the Library and is paid for using your SF State OneCard. Black & White copies cost 7 cents per page. For more information about printing and costs, please visit the Library's Printing page.

Adjustable Chairs

Each room has an adjustable computer chair. Instructions on adjusting these chairs are available in PDF format.


Room B and Room E each have one wall covered with IdeaPaint, which lets you use them as a whiteboard. Please write only on the walls that are indicated. The IdeaPaint in Room B is on the left wall after you enter and the the IdeaPaint wall in Room E is directly across from the door. Dry erase markers and erasers are provided.

Software and Hardware List

For a description of software installed on each computer, please visit the Assistive Software page. 

Each room has a Windows PC and the following assistive software installed: JAWS, NVDA, MAGic, Kurzweil 3000 and Dragon Naturally Speaking. In addition, the following features ae available in each room. Note that the rooms with webcams have Sorenson nTouch VRS software and the room with the Braille Embosser has Duxbury Braille Translator.

  Flatbed Scanner CCTV Webcam Braille Display Braille Embosser Whiteboard
Room A X X        
Room B X X       X
Room C     X      
Room D            
Room E X   X     X
Room F X     X X  

Additional pictures of the ATC

View of the ATC lobby

View of Room F

ATC print release station