Audio Record Lectures

Audio recording classroom lectures is an accommodation that is available to you if you have a permanent or temporary disability that may or may not be apparent or visible and impacts seeing, concentrating, processing information, sitting, or using writing/typing tools. The accommodation is provided so that you may have equal access to the academic program at SF State. 

You can become eligible to audio record classroom lectures as a reasonable accommodation by documenting the need for this accommodation during the DPRC initial appointment process outlined on registering with the DPRC page. Once it is determined that you are eligible the accommodation it is added to your DPRC Reasonable Accommodation Verification document that you should share with your instructors.

Note that you may only audio recorded lectures for your personal study purposes. If any faculty members are concerned about the confidentiality of their lectures, they may ask you to sign an audio recording agreement form specifying how the recording may be used by you.

Audio-recording lectures by eligible students for review after class is listed as an example of a reasonable accommodation within disability access law.  As a courtesy, you are encouraged to inform instructors when audio-recording classroom instruction.

You can borrow audio recording equipment from the DPRC if you are eligible to audio record classroom lectures as a reasonable accommodation. Our available equipment for audio recording includes digital voice recorders and Smart Pens.