Exacerbated Symptoms Accommodation

If you have a chronic health condition or a disability that is prone to periodic exacerbation (flare ups) of symptoms, you may be eligible for reasonable accommodations. This may include modification of attendance requirements and/or flexibility with assignment deadlines and in scheduling exams.

This accommodation is determined on a case-by-case basis. Eligibility for this accommodation is dependent on learning objectives, design, and the assignments, exams and other academic deliverables for each course. Provision of this accommodation cannot alter any of the essential features of the course.

To utilize the Flexibility with Deadlines and/or Attendance accommdations most effectivety, please follow the steps below.

  1. Attend your class in order to:
    • Obtain all syllabi
    • Review the syllabi and assess the demands of the class
    • Clarify requirements listed in syllabi with your instructors
  2. If you feel your disability related symptoms will impact your ability to attend class regularly and/or meet assignment deadlines for a specific class or specific classes, please schedule an appointment with a DPRC specialist by calling our front desk at 415-338-2472.
  3. Together you and the DPRC specialist will engage in an interactive process to determine if this accommodation is appropriate for each course.
  4. Together the two of you will review the essential course requirements and grading policy for each class. The goal of this process is to evaluate the reasonableness of requesting exception to the attendance policy and meeting assignment deadlines of a particular class if and when you experience an exacerbation of disability-symptoms.
  5. If appropriate, the DPRC specialist will provide you with an accommodation memo for specific classes and guide you through the negotiation process that you will go through with your instructors.
  6. If you find that your accommodation is not meeting your needs, please return to DPRC and schedule an appointment with a disability specialist to discuss your options.

You are encouraged to make a private appointment wih your instructor to discuss implementation of this accommodation and any other disability accommodation issues. During this appointment, you may ask you instructor to clarify their attendance policies, the role class participation plays in the course, as well as review important assignment and exam dates to determine the impact that missing or rescheduling deadlines would have on your mastery of course material.

Students and instructors are requested to make an agreement about the specific method of notifying or negotiating that will be used to report an exacerbation of symptoms and to establish new due dates for missed assignments or tests. A written agreement is most helpful for both faculty and students. Students are required to bring a signed copy (by you and the faculty member) to the DPRC to validate your accommodation. Students can obtain agreement forms during the original appointment with a DPRC specialist.

Instructors are invited to contact a DPRC specialist at 415-338-2472 if they have any questions about how to implement the accommodation.