Facility Access Standards

These standards are based on the following:

Paths of travel within facility


Doorways, including emergency exits, need a minimum of 32" clearance. Maneuvering clearance for wheelchair riders requires that the floor area around doorways be free and clear of obstructions.

Reception Areas

Maneuvering clearance requires a minimum space of 60" diameter or a 60" by 60" T-shaped space off of an aisle for a pivoting 180-degree turn of a wheelchair rider. Service counter access requires that there must be at least a section that is at a height of 28" - 31" to work surface. Seating for wheelchair riders must be provided at counters, with knee spaces at least 27" high, 30" wide, and 19" deep.


Side aisles should be a minimum of 36" wide, and main aisles should be a minimum of 44" wide. For facilities set up with rows of multiple workstations, measure from the back of an empty chair, pushed in, to the surface edge of the next row of workstations.

Workstation Approach

There should be 30" by 48" clear floor space at all accessible workstations connected to an aisle. When seating for wheelchair riders is provided at tables or counters, knee spaces of at least 27" high, 30" wide, and 19" deep should be provided. The tops of accessible tables and counters should be from 28" to 31" above the finish floor or ground. If the clear floor space only allows forward approach to an object, the maximum high forward reach allowed should be 48". The minimum low forward reach is 15" (measurements are from the finished floor.)

Protruding objects

Objects projecting from walls with their leading edges between 27" and 80" above the finished floor should protrude no more than 4" into walks, halls, corridors, passageways, or aisles. Objects mounted with their leading edges at or below 27" above the finished floor may protrude any amount.

Facility Furniture

Workstations tables

A minimum of 1:20 workstations must be manually adjustable and allow for the measurements stated above under "workstation approach". Adjustable workstation chairs and footrests need to accompany the 1:20 adjustable workstations.

Library furniture

For a map of accessible furniture in the Library, please view the Library Map of Accessible Furniture


The links listed below are to standards outlining the methods and specifications for providing physical and programmatic access to information technology at SFSU.