OpenBook, allows you to scan and convert printed documents or graphics into an electronic text format using optical character recognition and speech output. It is designed to assist those with physical disabilities, which may affect turning pages; and cognitive disabilities, such as Learning Disability, Attention Deficit Disorder or an Acquired Brain Injury, which may affect processing, speed, or concentration. It may also be appropriate for some visual impairments and psychiatric disorders.

The OpenBook bundle consists of a scanner, monitor, and speech synthesis software. Reading materials are scanned and translated into speech that users can hear as the text is displayed on the monitor. The software can also translate text into Braille, as well as save the text onto a flash drive or CD.


Training time for OpenBook usually takes around one hour. This training consists of learning how the machine operates, and how to input simple commands displayed on a chart for ease of use.

Schedule training

Training on adaptive computer software or hardware is available through the DPRC to students and employees with disabilities. Students must first meet with a DPRC specialist before being referred for the training. The type and amount of training provided is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Contact DPRC, (415-338-2472) to make an appointment with a specialist.

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