Parking Information

Campus Permit Required

To park in any of the lots located on campus, you MUST have an SF State parking permit.  You may not park on campus with only a DMV disabled placard or DMV plate.

Permit Cost

$225 per semester or $3.00 for two hours, $6.00 for the day

Waivers of the parking fee are available to qualifying students, based on financial need.  DPRC Parking applications [Link to the Parking waiver form] to request a waiver can be downloaded from the website or can be picked up in person at DPRC. Applicants must be currently enrolled at SF State, registered with DPRC, and have a DMV disability placard or plate.

Eligibility for Permit through the DPRC

You must be registered with the Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC), have a disability related need for parking.  Students must be  currently enrolled either through the regular University or through Extended Education.  If you are currently working on your thesis, you must provide a letter of proof from your thesis advisor.  Employees must be currently employed at SF State.

To Obtain a Permit

Students, employees and guest with verification of a qualifying disability, or proof of a DMV placard or DP license plate entitling them to park in blue disability parking zones, may make an appointment to purchase a permit or apply for a fee waiver by contacting the DPRC at (415)338-2472 or

Campus Regulations

Parking in an on-campus blue zone without a DMV placard or plate means a fine of $275 or more.  Parking is enforced 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  The SF State permit alone entitles you to park in regular (non-blue) spaces.


To use blue spaces, you must have BOTH a DMV placard and an SF State permit.


DMV PLACARD/PLATE HOLDERS: You may park in any legal space in lots 2, 19, 20 and 25 regardless of permit assignment.


  • Lot 2:  You must have a DMV placard or plate along with an SF State permit in order to park in either the regular or blue parking spaces.
  • Lot 6: Before 5 p.m. you may park only in the blue zones.  You must have a DMV placard or plate along with an SF State permit. After 5 p.m. you may also park in non-blue zones.
  • Lot 19:  This permit allows you access to Lots 19, 20, and 25.


SF STATE PERMIT/PLACARD NOT SHOWING = TICKET.  If you have a parking permit but forget to display it, you may be ticketed.  If you have a DMV placard but forget to have it showing when you used a blue space, you may be ticketed.