Register with the DPRC

Register with the DPRC and document your disability to help you fully access student life at SF State using the following steps:

  1. Apply to SF State
  2. Complete and submit a DPRC registration form and disability documentation
  3. Schedule an intake appointment with a Disability Specialist
  4. Implement your accommodations and check-in with DPRC 

Determination and setup of accommodations is greatly expedited when you turn in your DPRC registration form and disability documentation before your intake appointment. However, you are welcome to meet with a Disability Specialist at any point in the registration process. 
Contact the DPRC if you have any questions about the registration process at 415-338-2472 (voice/TTY,) or, or stop by the Student Services Building, Room 110.

Step 1: Apply to San Francisco State University

  1. All prospective students need to apply to the university through the standard admission procedure found at Cal State Apply before registering with the DPRC. Application dates and deadlines as well as the online application are also posted on CSU Mentor.
  2. The freshman and transfer admission criteria can be found at the same website.
  3. If you are denied admission to SF State and believe that you have been unable to complete a subject requirement because of a disability, an appeal can be made to the SF State Undergraduate Admissions Office. It is recommended that you include with your appeal disability documentation by a qualified professional illustrating how the disability has affected your academic performance. See the fourth item under Other Study Options on the Future Students webpage for detailed information about the appeal process. The admission office can be contacted at:
    San Francisco State University
    Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    1600 Holloway Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94132
    Phone: 415/338-6486
  4. First-time freshmen and transfer students must attend a New Student Orientation.
  5. Learn more about attending SF State at Future Students.

Step 2: Submit the DPRC Registration Form and Disability Documentation

Registration Form

The DPRC registration form allows you to tell us more about your disability and the reasonable accommodations you’d like to request.  If you are not sure what certain accommodations are, don’t worry. You’ll get a chance to ask when you meet with a DPRC specialist. After completing the online registration form, you are strongly encouraged to submit any disability documentation you can provide, prior to your intake appointment.
Complete the DPRC Registration Form.

Obtain Your Disability Documentation

The DPRC welcomes and encourages all students with disabilities at SF State to register with us. In most cases, we will ask you for disability verification from a qualified professional. Documentation requests are meant to help us understand as much as we can about your disability, in addition to an interactive process during your intake appointment with a disability specialist. You may not need to submit disability documentation if all of your disability and accommodation requests can be verified by observation (e.g. wheelchair user, cane user, etc.)

If you need DPRC assistance in obtaining disability documentation, provisional DPRC services may be available during the documentation process on a case-by-case basis. You are welcome to meet with a Disability specialist without documentation when necessary. Just let us know.  

Documentation guidelines

Below are documentation guidelines for you and your qualified professional. Please use these guidelines when obtaining your disability documentation. Generally, the more specific your documentation, the faster we can process your accommodation request and set up a time to meet with you.  In the event you are not able to obtain disability documentation that meets all elements stated within the guidelines, you should still submit as much as you have.

  1. General Documentation Guidelines (Applicable for, but not limited to, mobility, physical non-mobility and chronic health disabilities
  2. Acquired Brain Injury Documentation Guidelines
  3. AD/HD Documentation Guidelines
  4. Autism Spectrum Documentation Guidelines
  5. Blind & Low Vision Documentation Guidelines
  6. Deaf & Hard of Hearing Documentation Guidelines
  7. Learning Disability Documenation Guidelines
  8. Psychological Disability Documentation Guidelines

Submit Registration Form and Disability Documentation

Completed registration forms and disability documentation can be submitted to:
San Francisco State University
Disability Programs & Resource Center
1600 Holloway Avenue, SSB-110
San Francisco, CA 94132
415-338-2472 (voice/TTY)
415-338-1041 (FAX)

Note that you may submit your registration form on its own, without documentation, if you are still in the process of obtaining it.

Step 3: Meet a DPRC Specialist

You are invited to schedule an intake appointment with a DPRC specialist as part of your reasonable accommodation eligibility determination process. Please call our front desk at 415-338-2472 (voice)/ (415) 335-7210 (VP) between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00, Monday through Friday, to schedule your intake appointment. It is our goal for your intake appointment to occur within 10 business days of your contacting the DPRC.
At this appointment the specialist will conduct an interactive process with you that includes:

  • Completing the DPRC registration form if not already on file
  • Accepting submission of any disability documentation if not already on file
  • Reviewing any submitted disability documentation, time permitting
  • Exploring eligibility for services via a structured interview with you
  • Scheduling a follow-up appointment if needed
  • Answering your questions about the reasonable accommodation process

Our next goal is to assist you in setting up your accommodations within three weeks of your intake appointment. We will work closely with you to try and finalize your accommodations sooner, whenever possible.

Once your accommodations have been determined, many of them can be set up very quickly (e.g. shuttle service, parking). Some accommodations (e.g., exam accommodations, note-taking) may take a week or two to implement in order to coordinate scheduling. Other accommodations may take longer to arrange.  When requesting the accommodations listed below, please allow a minimum of four weeks preparation and coordination time:

  1. Sign Language Interpreting and Real-Time Captioning
  2. Multimedia Captioning
  3. Accessible Classroom Furniture
  4. Accessible Media Conversion
  5. Note Taking Assistance

For a full list of common accommodations, please visit our accommmodations page. Please call or email the DPRC if you have any questions at 415-338-2472 and

Step 4: Implement your accommodations and check-in with DPRC 

Once you've been approved for your accommodations, it's time to start using them. First, we recommend that you meet with your instructor to talk about how your accommodations may be best implemented in the classroom. In most cases, your accommodations will be permanent unless otherwise indicated on your Reasonable Accommodation Verification memo (RAV). If you find that your accommodations are not working for you in the way that you expected, please let us know and we can work with you to make the appropriate accommodation adjustments if necessary.