Exam Accommodation Procedures

If you are eligible for exam accommodations, the following procedures highlight the necessary actions to ensure access to your accommodations. Please be mindful of the deadlines for each exam when scheduling your tests.

If you are a faculty member, the bottom of this page has further information about how to provide Exam Accommodations for DPRC students.

Note to students: Please contact the Testing Assistants, at (415) 405-3729 for cancellations, rescheduling of exams, or scheduling pop quizzes. For any other scheduling concerns or questions, contact Erin Elgersma, Academic Accommodations Coordinator at (415) 338-7179.

DPRC Exam Accommodation Procedures for Students

1. Before you schedule your exam

  • Ensure your DPRC file indicates your eligibility for exam accommodations. NOTE: Any changes to your exam accommodations require approval by a DPRC specialist prior to your exam. Changes to your accommodations will not occur during an exam.
  • If you have not received or need an additional copy of your Reasonable Accommodations Verification (RAV) memo, request one from the DPRC front desk.
  • Pick up a copy of the Exam Accommodation Request (EAR) Form from the DPRC front desk, or download the EAR Form.

2. Schedule your exam

  • Share your Reasonable Accommodations Verification (RAV) memo with your instructors and complete the EAR Form with them, listing all the exams for a single course on one form, including the final exam.
    • Contact a DPRC specialist immediately if you have any questions or concerns about meeting with your instructors about your accommodations.
  • Return the signed and completed Exam Accommodation Request (EAR) Form to the Testing Assistants at the DPRC by the deadline listed on the EAR Form.
    • Students, NOT instructors, are responsible for submitting the EAR Form to the DPRC.

NOTE: Late submission of your EAR form may require rescheduling an exam. In all cases, when exams are rescheduled, DPRC will need the instructor’s approval prior to your rescheduled exam date.

3. During your exam

  • The test proctor will inspect all test materials before beginning your test.
  • Cell phones and other handheld devices must be left with the test proctor.
  • You will be allotted the time indicated on the EAR Form, taking your reasonable accommodations into account. The test proctor will stop the test at the designated end time. You may ask the test proctor to give you a 10 minute warning before the end of your exam.

NOTE: If you arrive late to your exam, your end time will remain as scheduled and you will not receive back the time lost. In extenuating circumstances you may ask DPRC to reschedule your exam for another time with your instructor’s approval.

The Student Conduct Code must be adhered to during the course of the exam. The use of unauthorized materials during an exam results in immediately stopping the exam and notifying the instructor. In the event that a conduct violation occurs, the instructor has the option to refer a student to the Director of Student Conduct in Student Affairs/Enrollment Management for disciplinary action.

4. Returning your exam

When your exam is completed, your exam will be returned to your instructor via the method indicated on your EAR form for that course.

DPRC Exam Accommodation Procedures for Instructors

Students may opt to complete their accommodated exams with DPRC or with you in your classroom. In the event a student chooses to take the exam with you, you need to be able to provide all accommodations listed on their Reasonable Accommodations Verification (RAV) memo. In most cases, however, students choose to have their exams proctored by DPRC following the steps listed here.

1. In advance of your exam

  • Students will provide you with an Exam Accommodation Request (EAR) form to complete, at least one week in advance of a test. Deadlines are listed at the top of the EAR form.
  • The EAR form should be presented to you along with the student's Reasonable Accommodations Verification (RAV) memo. This memo verifies that they are registered with our office and lists the exam accommodations for which the student is eligible.
  • You will complete the right side of the form, labeled “Instructor Completes This Area.” All quiz and exam dates may be listed on one form – so ensure the proper instructions for each type of test are also indicated.
  • Students, not instructors, will bring the signed and completed EAR form to the DPRC and arrange their testing time to account for all reasonable accommodations for which they are eligible, as well as their class schedule

NOTE: You are not obligated to allow a student to take their exam on a date or time other than the scheduled class time. Flexible exam date and/or flexible start times for each exam are only authorized by you. The DPRC may request to re-schedule an exam only if their extended time interferes with another class, or in other special circumstances, such as a flare-up of disability related symptoms. Reschedule of all exams requires your approval.

2. Delivering your exam to DPRC

You may send us the exam one of three ways:

  • Via e-mail to dprctest@sfsu.edu (DPRC preferred method)
  • By dropping off a copy to the DRPC (SSB 105)
  • The student may deliver the exam to the DPRC in a sealed envelope.

Testing Assistants will send reminder emails to you one week in advance, one day in advance, and the morning of the exam if the exam has not yet been received.

3. During your exam

  • The student will be asked to leave all personal belongings with the test proctor. Only the exam materials indicated on the EAR form are allowed, so please ensure this information is accurate (e.g., if a calculator or notes are allowed, or if the exam is open-book, please indicate this on the EAR form.)
  • Further, the student will only receive the time as written on the EAR form, with their exam accommodations taken into account, so please be sure to clearly indicate the time allotted for your classroom exam.
  • If the specifications for you exam change, please be sure to send an e-mail to dprctest@sfsu.edu to verify or change the materials or time allowed for an exam.
  • If a student has a question about your exam content, we will make our best effort to contact you via email so the student may receive the information they need to successfully take the exam.
  • If you need to make any clarifications or corrections while a student is taking your exam, send an email marked with high importance to dprctest@sfsu.edu, or call the testing assistants at 415-405-3729 and we will pass the information along to the student.
  • If a student did not show up to their scheduled exam, we will notify you via email.

4. Returning the Exam

You may request the completed exam be returned to you one of three ways:

  • Scanned and emailed back to you. We will keep the original for two weeks if you would like the original returned to you after receiving the electronic copy. The best practice is to return your class exams to all students at the same time. Please account for printing on your own if you choose the scan and email option.
  • By picking up the completed exam from the DPRC (SSB 105).
  • The student may return the exam back to you in a sealed envelope.