DPRC Registration Form

Demographic Information
Student Status
Disability Information

Please submit disability documentation with this registration form. See guidelines for the specific disability categories listed at: DPRC Registration Process

Support Services and Accommodations
Please check/describe any services you are interested in learning about or that you would like to request using at SF State.
Test Accommodations
Support Services
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Document Conversion and Assistive Equipment/Software
Other Services
Confidentiality Statement

Confidentiality Statement

I understand that disability related information I provide to the Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) at San Francisco State
University is confidential and can only be disclosed at my request except when:

  1. The DPRC staff consults with the author of my disability documentation in determining my eligibility for reasonable
    accommodations at SF State.
  2. The DPRC staff advises university faculty and staff on how to implement a reasonable accommodation I have requested
    and that I am eligible to use.
  3. The DPRC staff consults with university faculty and staff, on a need to know basis, in the event a health and safety issue