Web Accessibility Resources



Access to the automated assessment tool

The ATI team has acquired an automated web accessibility assessment tool called Cryptzone Compliance Sheriff. We use this web application in our website assessment review, but we also provide access to the tool for the SF State Campus Community for ongoing monitoring of their websites. If you would like to request an account, please contact us at access@sfsu.edu and provide your full name, email address and department.

One-on-one training

Please contact us at access@sfsu.edu if you would like to request one-on-one training. We provide training for the Manual Assessment Procedure, for remediating accessibility issues on your websites and for document accessibility.

We are also happy meet with you to discuss website development, usability and design questions, and other questions regarding accessibility of your website.


If you would like to request training for your unit/department, please contact us at access@sfsu.edu. Please specify how many people will participate, what your skill level(s) is, which subject you would like to be trained on and potential dates/times for the training.

Assistive Technology

We use different kind of assistive technology to test websites, software and documents. The two most common tools we are using are JAWS, a screen reader and Dragon Naturally Speaking, a voice recognition software. You may download JAWS as a trial version that allows you to use it 45 minutes in a session with unlimited session use. If you need more time in a session, please contact us to request a JAWS license.