Compliance Sheriff Video Training


Cryptzone has provided a training video on how to use Compliance Sheriff. Please refer to the table of contents below the video if you would like to skip to that topic in the video. If you need access to a closed captioned version of this video, please contact us.

List of topics in training video
Topic Time (minutes)
Compliance Sheriff Overview  1:22
Checkpoint Groups and Modules 4:37
Checkpoints  9:05
Regular Expressions and Us...  17:29
Scans  21:47
Scan Groups  47:47
Views  57:54
Notifications  86:16
Scorecard and Scan Summ...  87:33
Monitors  98:09
Result Revision Wizard  104:04
User Administration  110:11
Conclusion 119:46

What's new in Compliance Sheriff v5