Accessible Media Program Policy

  1. Conversion of accessible instructional materials (i.e., textbooks, course readers, etc.) are provided for courses in which the student is enrolled. Conversion of required course materials are prioritized over recommended and optional course materials.
  2. When required by a course, the student is expected to purchase their own instructional materials. Accessible instructional materials will be delivered once DPRC receives a valid proof of purchase for a student's textbooks.
  3. Accessible material requests may be submitted online, through the DPRC Accessible Print request form.
  4. If the Accessible Media Program cannot acquire requested textbooks in an available accessible format, we will need to scan your book, which requires us to cut off the binding. After scanning, the book will be rebound with tape binding. 
  5. The Student Conduct Code applies to all students with relation to accessible media, including students who are approved to audio-record classes or approved for the Note Taker Express application. This media may not be reproduced or distributed. Please review the Standards for Student Conduct, in accordance with Executive Order 1098.