Assistive Technology Locations at SF State

Student Access

Students can access assistive technology workstations and software at the following locations on campus:

Accessible Technology Commons (ATC)

The Accessible Technology Commons has 6 closed rooms with assistive technology workstations. The ATC is located on the ground floor of the Library in Room 83. Please visit the ATC page for information about hours and policies.

Study Commons, Library Ground Floor
Research Commons, Library First Floor

There are three assistive technology workstations the Study Commons and three assistive technology workstations in the Research Commons at the Library.


Please visit the Library hours page.

Sign-up procedures

These are public computers that are reserved for people with disabilities. Please use another computer station when this software is needed by a person with a disability. To obtain the password for these computers, please contact the DPRC.

Saving Files

Please back up your work on to a USB drive. The workstation desktop and hard drives are for temporary storage only and are erased frequently. You are responsible for backing up your files.


There are multiple Print Release Stations in the Study Comons and Research Commons. Printing is paid for using your SF State OneCard. For more information about printing and costs, please visit the Library's Printing page


If you need to use audio output on these computers, we suggest you bring your own headphones for your comfort.

College of Health and Social Sciences Labs

The CHSS labs in HSS 219 and BH 217 have one assistive technology workstation each. Please visit the CHSS IT website for more information.

Employee Access (Faculty and Staff)

The DPRC usually arranges for assistive technology to be installed directly on faculty and staff work computers. However, an assistive technology workstation is available in the Faculty Lab run by Academic Technology. This workstation is located in Room 240B.