JAWS Training

Job Access With Speech, (JAWS) is assistive software commonly known as a screen reader because it can read accessible text displayed on a computer screen out loud. JAWS uses a synthetic speech synthesizer and your computer’s sound card to read accessible computer content out loud. Additionally JAWS can output to a refreshable Braille display. It is compatible with Windows software and the Internet. This software is primarily used by people who have visual impairments.


Students familiar with the Windows operating system will need between 2-3 hours to become familiar with how JAWS operates. In order to become a proficient user of JAWS daily practice of the program’s many keystrokes is necessary.

Schedule training

Training on assistive software and hardware is available through the DPRC to students and employees with disabilities. Students must first meet with a DPRC specialist before being referred for training. The type and amount of training provided is determined on a case-by-case basis by the specialist.

Contact DPRC, (415-338-2472) to make an appointment with a specialist.

JAWS External Links

Freedom Scientific Tutorials-JAWS

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The tutorials on the University of Buffalo site are in PDF format.