ZoomText is software that has magnification and read out loud capability. The program can magnify electronic text by as much as 36 times and can read content aloud as you work. It also can echo typing, read information pointed to by the mouse, and speak program events as they occur. This software is especially helpful for people with low vision and can help rest your eyes—keeping you free from stress headaches or blurred vision due to staring at a computer screen.


Training time for Zoom Text should take around 1 hour. Students learn how to change the font size and adjust windows to their desired setting and preferred configuration.

Schedule training

Training on assistive computer software or hardware is available through the DPRC to students and employees with disabilities. Students must first meet with a DPRC specialist before being referred for the training. The type and amount of training provided is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Contact DPRC, (415-338-2472) to make an appointment with a specialist.

ZoomText External Links

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Zoomtext tutorials from the University of Buffalo Tutorials on website are in PDF format