Employee Accommodation FAQs


What if I find that my university approved accommodations are not meeting my needs on the job?

Contact the DPRC at dprcemp@sfsu.edu or 415-338-2377 to schedule an appointment to review your accommodation needs.

What if my job changes?

If your job changes, then you will need to contact DPRC to start the interactive accommodation process to review and evaluate your accommodation needs. This will include reviewing the essential functions of your new job as it is outlined in your updated position description of record.

What if my supervisor/manager changes?

It’s very important that you meet with your new supervisor/manager to discuss and review your accommodations as they are outlined in your reasonable accommodation letter. DPRC is available to facilitate this meeting with you and your supervisor/manager.

What if my health changes and/or I think I may need additional accommodations?

Contact DPRC to schedule an appointment to start the interactive accommodation process. You may need to provide updated disability verification documentation from your healthcare provider or diagnostician in order to determine if accommodation adjustments are needed.

What are the CSU policies regarding reasonable accommodations based on disability for employees?

Information related to CSU policy related to reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities can be viewed at the CSU Executive Order 1111 page.

What if I retire or leave the university to take a job somewhere else?

Please contact DPRC to update your employment status, especially if you were given furniture or equipment as part of your reasonable accommodations. Furniture or equipment purchased for employees as part of a reasonable accommodation is property of DPRC and must be returned to DPRC if or when the furniture or equipment is no longer needed by you to perform your essential job functions, or if or when you are no longer employed by SF State.