SF State Course Accessibility Checklist

This checklist is provided as a guide for instructors to review accessibility of their instructional materials in order to make courses fully accessible to students with disabilities at SF State. This checklist assumes you are using SF State Supported Course Technologies such as Canvas, iLearn, CourseStream, ePortfolio, etc. For questions about this checklist or for further guidance in making your course accessible, please contact us.

downloadable version of the checklist (PDF) is also available.

Course Materials

  • I have submitted my textbook adoption request to the Bookstore according to the Provost’s deadline and Academic Senate Timely Adoption Policy. Generally mid-October for the Spring semester and mid-April for the Fall Semester.
  • I have submitted my Course Reader source materials in a clean, legible format for photocopying.
  • I am using SF State supported Course Technologies (ex. iLearn, Canvas, CourseStream) in order to meet the University’s Section 508 accessibility compliance standards
  • I have submitted electronic reserve materials in a clean, legible format to the Library. Visit the Library’s Electronic Reserve page for more information.
  • I have authored accessible content within the iLearn or Canvas learning management system.
  • I have created a syllabus in an electronic and accessible format by using an accessible syllabus template or by creating an accessible document.
  • I have included the Disability Statement in my Syllabus as worded in the Academic Senate Syllabus Policy
  • I have designed course materials that are created in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat PDF so that they are accessible according to SF State’s best practices.
  • I have identified video and/or audio based materials I will use in my course at least 4-6 weeks prior to the first day of class and reviewed the DPRC’s captioning information
  • The third party Internet resources (e.g. websites, blogs, wikis, quizzes, etc.) that I plan to use in class are accessible to all students. If not or unsure, I will contact the DPRC for recommendations.
  • I have planned for getting my exams and quizzes ready well in advance so that DPRC may convert them to accessible formats if needed.

Physical Access

If my class has field trips, site visits or unique kinds of specific physical activity (e.g. trips to museums, theatre events, biking, swimming, collecting samples, etc.) I have provided notice so that students with disabilities may request accommodations.