iLearn and Document Accessibility


iLearn is SF State's Learning Management System based on Moodle. Although the iLearn web interface is quite accessible, it is the responsibility of each instructor to ensure that any instructional content uploaded into iLearn is also accessible.

SF State provides an automated tool called the Accessbile Media Quick Converter that can assist you in automatically making your existing documents accessible. This includes several document types - PDFs, Word Documents, PowerPoint and several others. 

Note that content created in iLearn using the text editor should also be formatted so as to maximize accessibility. For more assistance on ensuring your instructional materials are accessible, please review the resources below. 

What does an accessible document look like?

The following resources (Word Document format) shed light on the Top Traits of an accessible Word document and an Top Traits of an accessible PDF

How do I create accessible documents?

Please visit the Document Accessibility section for format-specific resources 

How do I remediate my documents for accessibility?

Automated tool: Accessible Media Quick Converter

Self-guided training resources: CSU Tutorials

Further Assistance

Contact us if you need further assistance by completing the Support Request Form or by emailing us at