Student Responsibility Guidelines

The goal of Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHOH) Services in the Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) at SF State is to provide the best possible support and accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. DPRC has approved your use of real-time captioning (RTC) and/or sign language interpreting (SLI) services. Students are asked to maintain regular communication with the DHOH Services Coordinator to provide updates to their class schedules, to request any additional RTC or SLI services, and to discuss any matters related to service provider(s). Students are encouraged to contact their Disability Specialist at any time should there be questions or concerns about any of their accommodations.

RTC/SLI Services Usage Guidelines

1. Class Schedule

Students are encouraged to utilize priority registration and to send their class schedules to DHOH Services soon after registering. Students should notify their Disability Specialist if they have not received priority registration or are unable to register for classes. (Note: Incoming freshman and transfer students do not receive priority registration for their first semester at SF State; instead, registration for classes occurs during orientation.) DPRC requests class schedules be sent at least three weeks before the start of each semester. Timely communication with DHOH Services allows DPRC enough time to secure RTC/SLI services for the entire semester. DPRC is committed to filling all requests; however, if requests are received with short notice, alternate accommodations may be arranged until the requested services can be filled.

2. Schedule Changes, Absences, and to Request Additional Services

DHOH Services asks that the student communicate any changes or request additional RTC/SLI services as soon as possible to ensure continuity of services.

  • Notify DHOH Services of changes in location, class times, exam dates, or class cancellations
  • Notify DHOH Services if you will be absent from class or not attending an event for which RTC/SLI services were requested
  • Use the Custom Request feature in myDPRC for additional class meetings, field trips, if attending a campus-related event, and for any services during final exam week. DPRC requests 1-2 weeks advance notice, if possible, to request additional services.
  • At any time, DHOH Services and Disability Specialists can provide assistance in communicating with faculty regarding unexpected class requirements needing services at the last minute.


  • If a student misses several classes without informing DHOH Services, the student will be contacted by their Disability Specialist to determine the necessity of continued RTC/SLI services.
  • RTC/SLI service providers are not authorized to communicate changes on the student’s behalf.

3. Late to Class

RTC/SLIs will wait 15 minutes per class-hour after class has begun for the student to arrive. (30 minutes for a 2-hour class; 45 minutes for a 3-hour class, etc.) If the student does not arrive to class within this timeline, the service provider(s) may be reassigned. If the student knows they will arrive to class more than 15 minutes late per class-hour, they should contact DHOH Services so arrangements can be made to have the RTC/SLI stay in class.

4. Service Provider No Show

Students are asked to contact DHOH Services as soon as possible if the RTC/SLI does not show-up for class. If no other service providers are available, a digital recorder or access to notetaking services through an app can be provided to record the lecture. The recorded lecture will be transcribed and sent to the student.

5. Working with your Service Provider(S)

DHOH Services strives to provide qualified RTC/SLIs that fit the students’ needs. Students are encouraged to work directly with their assigned RTC/SLIs to discuss ways they can best meet their needs. If the student is not satisfied with their services, the student should contact the DHOH Services Coordinator as soon as possible. Students may request specific RTC/SLIs; however, it may not always be possible to provide the requested service provider(s). DHOH Services will request feedback at the end of each semester regarding the student’s services.

6. RTC Transcripts

Students using RTC services will receive a copy of class transcripts. The transcript is considered intellectual property of the instructor, and, as such, may not be shared with anyone including other students in the class without DPRC and/or instructor’s authorization.