Physical Access

Overview of Physical Access Services

SF State provides a variety of services in order to ensure physical access. Below, you will find information about the DPRC Cart Service and other mobility resources, parking, accessible classroom furniture, as well as campus Access and Construction Alerts.

DPRC looks forward to opening our doors to the campus community for limited in-person services starting Monday, August 9, 2021. Please see our announcements page for more information.

DPRC Cart Service

Beginning Fall 2021, DPRC Cart services will be prioritized for scheduled rides for eligible students, faculty and staff who are approved for an accommodation and attending class and/or working on campus. Advance scheduling is encouraged as on-demand rides are not guaranteed and may have long wait times. If you would like to discuss eligibility for this service, please contact your Disability Specialist directly or (students), or the Employee Accommodations Program at (employees).  

On-campus transportation is available to students, faculty, staff and guests with mobility assistance. The DPRC Cart service is available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., excluding campus holidays. Cart service can be requested through the DPRC office either in advance, or by phone on a call-in basis; drivers cannot schedule rides for users during pick-ups. Priority is given to scheduled rides and riders with disabilities. All requests will be handled as promptly as possible. A slight delay may occur in picking up riders who are not on the regular schedule.

To schedule the On-Campus Cart service in advance, you may complete a On-Campus Cart Policy & Application online  at least 48 hours prior or call the DPRC at (415) 338-2472.  DPRC will contact you to confirm your pre-scheduled rides. For same-day requests, please call DPRC at (415) 338-2472. 

  • It is important to be at the pick-up point, outside of your building, at the designated time. Drivers can only wait up to 3 minutes beyond the requested time and are not able to assist riders to their classroom or wait while errands are being done.
  • Contact DPRC to cancel any rides you do not need, either permanently or for the day, so that your time slot can be opened up to another rider.
  • If a rider is not present for rides without cancelling in advance, it could result in the requirement to meet with DPRC staff prior to scheduling future rides.
  • If you have difficulty or concerns with any aspect of your cart service, contact DPRC.

Additional Mobility Resources

The Division of Campus Safety (DCS) provides on-campus transportation outside of DPRC's regular hours of operation via the SafeWalk and Mobility Transport Program. Transportation outside of DPRC’s hours may be provided by calling (415) 338-7200 and press 0. 

For information about the DCS SafeWalk and Mobility Transport Program, or to schedule an evening ride in advance, review the SafeWalk web page or call (415) 338-7200 and press 0.

Beginning Fall 2021: If you will be on campus for face to face instruction, parking requests will be facilitated as usual. Permit prices and lot assignments will be determined based on your course schedule. Please contact our office if you need any assistance with accessible parking needs as an on-campus resident.

An SF State parking permit is required to park in any of the lots located on campus. If you have a DMV placard or Disabled Person (DP) plate but do not display both a placard/plate and a parking permit while parked in a blue zone, you may be cited. Parking in an on-campus blue zone without a DMV placard or plate may result in a citation. Parking is enforced 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Placard or DP plate holders may park in lots 2, 19 (excluding spaces designated 19A), 20 and 25 regardless of permit assignment. Parking within the blue zones in Lot 6 is also permitted.

If approved by a Disability Specialist, students may purchase a permit through the DPRC or apply for a waiver of the parking fees.

Fall 2021 update: Please submit a furniture accommodation request via myDPRC if your course will be taught in-person on campus. The request form for furniture is located in your eForm agreement in myDPRC – please submit as soon as possible to ensure placements can be made while taking into account sanitation and distancing measures. For any remote classes, consider this Student Technology Quickguide on how to set up an ergonomic workspace at home, created by the campus' Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL).

All furniture accommodations are arranged and provided through the DPRC in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended.

Students who are approved for furniture accommodations are encouraged to make an accommodation request with DPRC at least three weeks before the start of the term in order to ensure placement prior to the beginning of classes. DPRC furniture accommodations will be clearly marked in the classroom. To make a furniture accommodation request, please submit an accommodation request through myDPRC for each class you want to use this accommodation in. You can then complete the online classroom furniture request form which can be found under "My E-form Agreements" in myDPRC. To learn more, please visit the myDPRC training portal

Additional questions? Contact the DPRC at (415) 338-2472 or

The University will provide updates on campus construction, related temporary barriers and options for alternate access around campus during University construction projects. Check the Access and Construction Alerts website prior to visiting campus and/or subscribe to receive e-mails as new Access and Construction Alerts are posted.

Construction activity is a constant reminder of the progressive growth of San Francisco State University as facilities are repaired or renovated to better serve the campus community. Many of these projects require temporary adjustments in accustomed paths of travel, often with little notice. Significant efforts are made to use on-site signage to indicate detours clearly, and to maintain accessible routes with minimum inconvenience.