Student Employment

The DPRC employs about 50 students at any given time, hiring when the need becomes apparent, which means jobs are available throughout the year. All our jobs are work study eligible, open to international students and have flexible schedules. Applicants must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or above. Although there is no set hiring timeline, most areas have their largest hiring period at the beginning of each semester. We encourage you to check the Handshake website to see current open positions and learn how to become part of our fantastic team.

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For more information about on-campus student employment programs and other options, please visit the Dean of Students .

Student Employee Testimonials

What I love most about working for DPRC is having many opportunities for self-growth and numerous learning experiences. I am able to meet and work with many individuals who share the passion for advocacy, equality and adversity. I am given a chance to be inspired and taught every day and that is due to the tremendous opportunities the DPRC provides everyone.

Jessica, Testing Assistant

I've been working at the DPRC for about half a year now and I am currently a rising senior majoring in Cinema. What I like about working at the DPRC is that it gives me a sense of purpose - I am in some way helping fellow students advance in their academic careers

Isaac, Proctor

DPRC is a small close-knit family within SF State, which has an amazing, friendly and always ready to help staff. Working for people with disabilities has inspired me and provided a new insight on life.

Rajat, ATC Lab Monitor

Staff Positions

DPRC Staff is committed to making sure that all aspects of campus life- learning, working and living are universally accessible. Please take a look at our open staff positions at SF State Jobs website, to see how you can be a part of our fantastic team in continuing our mission.