Meet Our Staff


Nicole Redding staff photo
Nicole Redding
Interim Director
Contact me about: Supporting students with disabilities, complaints & grievances
(415) 405-3583
Lorraine Diaz
Lorraine Diaz
Administrative & Budget Analyst
Contact me about: Purchasing, payroll, student employment
(415) 338-3459
Bryan Higera
Bryan Higera
Program Services Coordinator
Contact me about: General Requests, appointment scheduling, myDPRC
(415) 405-3998

Advising and Advocacy

Maisoon Alghethy staff photo
Maisoon Alghethy
Interim Senior Disability Specialist
Contact me about: Scholarships, psychological disability accommodations
(415) 338-7878
Kenny Adams staff photo
Kenny Adams
Disability Specialist
Contact me about: Veterans with disabilities, blind/low vision accommodations, housing accommodations
(415) 338-2453
Alan Fisk staff photo
Alan Fisk
Disability Specialist
Contact me about: Outreach and training requests
(415) 405-4137
Daniel Lebrija staff photo
Daniel Lebrija
Disability Specialist
Contact me about: Accommodations and support for students with autism
(415) 338-3452

Campus Access Services

No staff photo
Terrence Daniels
Exam Accommodations Coordinator
Contact me about: Exam accommodations
(415) 338-3457
Roberto Santiago
Roberto Santiago
DHOH Services Coordinator
Contact me about: Sign Language Interpreting, Real-time Captioning, Notetaking
(415) 338-3454
Hillary Smith
Hillary Smith
Backup DHOH Services Coordinator
Contact me about: Sign Language Interpreting, Real-time Captioning, Notetaking
(415) 338-7178
Dalice Stogden staff photo
Dalice Stogden
Physical Access Services Coordinator
Contact me about: Furniture, on-campus carts, parking
(415) 405-4132

Accessible Technology Services

Avi Chandiramani
Avi Chandiramani
Interim Associate Director
Contact me about: Assistive technology, Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)
(415) 338-6436
Ed Daranciang staff photo
Ed Daranciang
Web Accessibility Coordinator
Contact me about: Web accessibility, document accessibility
(415) 405-4202
Daniel Fontaine staff photo
Daniel Fontaine
Accessible Media Program Coordinator
Contact me about: Accessible materials, media captioning, assistive technology training
(415) 338-6435
Mantasha Lakdawala headshot
Mantasha Lakdawala
Accessible Procurement Analyst
Contact me about: Accessible Procurement Process or TARs

Employee Accommodations

Greg James staff photo
Greg James
Assistant Director of Employee Accommodations
Contact me about: Employee accommodations
(415) 338-2377

Program Area Contacts

If you know the service or program area you are looking to reach, it may be helpful to use the following contact information to ensure you receive the most timely response, rather than contacting an individual staff member. And of course, when in doubt contact our Front Desk staff who would be happy to route you to the most appropriate program or party for assistance.

DPRC Program Area Contacts

Program Name

Email Address (preferred contact)

Phone (if applicable)

Office location (if relevant)/Other information

DPRC Front Desk

(415) 338-2472 (also Zoom Room Meeting Room ID, with password: 82472)

SSB 110 – When in doubt, contact us here, and we’ll route appropriately. There is no wrong way to contact us!

Employee Accommodations

(415) 338-2377

SSB 110

Alternative Testing (Exam Accommodation facilitation)

(415) 405-3729

SSB 105

Note Taking Program

email only


Deaf and Hard of Hearing (sign language and/or real-time captioning facilitation)

Video Phone: (415) 335-7210


Alternative Formats (Accessible Media)

(415) 405-2180

SSB 105

Media Captioning (closed captions)

email only


Assistive Technology training (SmartPen, Kurzweil, etc.)

email only