myDPRC  is a new web-based application where students, faculty and DPRC staff can manage the student accommodation process and request services. Students will be able to register using their SF State credentials and use myDPRC to upload documents, send accommodation letters to faculty and communicate with the DPRC directly. Our office is moving to this application to make the accommodation process easier for students by ensuring all parties of the accommodation process can stay updated in real-time.

myDPRC login
For current DPRC students

Register with the DPRC
For new DPRC students

Training materials

Please visit the training portal to view myDPRC training videos and step-by-step instructions.

myDPRC timeline

In January 2019, all continuing students will have an online profile in myDPRC where they can view previously approved accommodations, communicate with DPRC specialists and upload new accommodation requests. At this time any Spring 2019 incoming SF State students can register with the DPRC through myDPRC. In subsequent semesters we will be rolling out additional features that will allow students to schedule exams, request accessible media and DHOH services directly through myDPRC.